Discover our full package for your consolidation


We have developed a full solution that meets exactly your needs and relieves you from heavy investment in internal knowledge and expensive software. We provide you assistance for the production of the consolidated accounts using Sigma Conso software, from the scope set up, the organisation, the intercompany matching and the production of the extended disclosures according to the standard you use: Be Gaap, LUx Gaap, IFRS, US Gaap, .... including the presentation to the auditors and the general management.


Our experts guide you through the consolidation process with Sigma according to a strong and well known methodology. After evaluation, we plan the whole consolidation schedule together and deliver you a detailed financial estimate.


Our commitments are formalized in a service agreement.


The use of Sigma Conso software garantees you the highest level of professionalism and technical features to deliver an efficient result and the extended validations and information required by auditors.


Sigma Bundle , the decentralized data entry module helps your subsidiaries deliver correct and complete information, using local adjustments if necessary and interface with local accounting systems.


Your benefits


Cost efficiency, no investment, fast close, guarantee to meet your schedule, guarantee of technical approval from your auditors, availability of our team for any additional questions are just a few benefits of our formula. You will soon discover a lot more while working together.


Our personalized assistance


Within our scope of expertise:

  • Production of the consolidated accounts with Sigma Conso professional software
  • Management Reporting
  • IFRS technical migration
  • Simulations, evaluations
  • Set up of group procedures
  • Set up of a consolidation bundle
  • Optimisation of the whole consolidation process